News and updates

I have revised the links pages completely. In only eight months many pages are gone or the links have been altered. It was a nuisance to maintain the former pages with the many pictures..

I have updated the N scale section with an article on building switches (turnouts).

I have updated the pages using a new typeface that should be easier to read on the monitor.

The pages "What is" and "News and updates" now opens in the same window rather than in a pop-up window. In the "Railways" section I have added a pagen on turnout design with straight switches and straight crossing. This article may bee seen in English here.

I have now finished updating all pages to HTML 4.01 Strict that is the current HTML standard. This means that all linked pages now open in the same window unless you press the "shift" button when you left-click on the link. Furthermore I have added an article on Samara's Märklin train (in Danish).

The page on Construction of the railway terminal in Copenhagen 1911 (in Danish) has been updated, and a reproduction of the book in pdf format has been added. Furthermore the map of the area fig. 26 has been added in pdf as well as tiff format.

I have uploaded an article on track planning and drawing, see Track planning (in Danish).

The page on Books and articles on railway technique has been updated, and a reproduction of two booklets from Danish State Railways on the operation and maintainance of vacuum brakes in pdf-format have been added.

The link page has been updated and expanded considerably.