Download of drawings

From the pages below you can download some of my own drawings in DXF- and PDF-format. You may use the drawings for private model building, but redistribution in any kind or using the drawings commercially is not allowed without my explicit permission. By commercially I also mean building models that are meant for sale.

The drawings are mostly based on prototype general arrangement drawings. I cannot garantee that they are 100% correct; on occasions I miss a detail in one of the views. When I correct a drawing, I change the version number (the digit after the hyphen) and the date. If you find any errors in a drawing or cannot open it, or if you have any comments, please feel free to

DXF is a file format for exchange of CAD drawings that can be read by most CAD programs. CAD files are useful if you want to change a drawing or use parts of it in a new drawing.

PDF is a file format for exchange of documents developed by Adobe. The files can be opened directly in your browser window if you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program can be downloaded freely. If you print the drawings in 100% scale (remove the check mark in "fit to page") the drawing is correct for 0 scale (1:45). If you print the drawings in 52% scale the drawing is correct for H0 scale (1:87).

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Download of drawings in DXF format
Download of drawings in PDF format

Updated 2009-01-02