Use of the pages and printing

Articles, drawings and photographs from this website may be used freely for private purposes, and model railway clubs and societies that are members of DMJU may publish them in their member's magazine if my name and the URL are stated. Publishing for any other purpose and in any other media require my explicit permission.

I try checking printing from Internet Explorer 7.0 whith all margins set to (default) 19mm; then graphics should not be broken by change of page and the whole width is printed. I do not allways succeed, however, especially when making changes to an article.

In the course of changing the pages to current html- and css-code I have noted that Internet Explorer in some instances prints the pages incorrectly; especially when graphics are floated the following text doesn't fill the space besides the graphic correctly (on the screen it shows correctly). You may instead use Mozilla Firefox that prints the pages more correctly. Mozilla Firefox version 3 for Windows may be downloaded freely from

In some instances I have chosen to upload pages as pdf-files as this gives me full control of the print format. The price is that the files become large but I can live with that.

If you have problems printing an article, please giving the details.