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I have started updating the articles with another typeface that should be easier to read on the monitor.

I have finished updating the articles in this section of the home page to HTML 4.01 Strict which is the current HTML standard. In the process quite a few drawings and photos have been rescanned, and two articles by Flemming Lund of DMJK who unfortunately passed away in 2004, has been translated to English (se the "Locomotives" section).

The articles on Load on DC motors in model locomotives (in English) and Track planning (in Danish) has been updated and changed from pdf to html.

I have started updating these pages to use a newer version of html code. This means that some older code needs to be removed. Hence the code no longer controls if a linked page opens in the current window or a new window. If the reader wants a link to open in a new window, please press the "Shift" button while clicking on the link.

I have uploaded an article on track planning and drawing, see Track planning (in Danish).

I have started updating these pages using current html code and css style sheets. My aim is that every page should validate against the html and css standards and look the same in the most used browsers. Articles should print without problems on A4 format paper. Please bear with me if I am not succesfull but send me an e-mail if you find anything that should be corrected.

Yours Faithfully
Erik Olsen

Do you know Usenet?

Usenet are news or discussion groups found throughout the world.

The following Danish news groups exist among many others:

If you don't know the Danish part of Usenet a great deal of information can be found on Connection to news groups can normally be made to the news server that your Internet Service Provider maintains. A few ISPs do not have their own news server; in such cases the following news feeds may be used or

There are many foreign news groups among others the following that I read myself:

For quite some years I have written articles on different subjects on model building and model railways. Some have been published in Danish modelling magazines (if so, it is stated under the title in which magazine and when); others have not.

Publishing and copyright:

Articles, drawings and photographs from this website may be used freely for private purposes, and model railway clubs and societies that are members of DMJU may publish them in their member's magazine if my name and the URL are stated. Publishing for any other purpose and in any other media require my explicit permission.

Printing the articles:

I try checking printing from Internet Explorer 7.0 whith all margins set to (default) 19mm; then graphics should not be broken by change of page and the whole width is printed. I do not allways succeed, however, especially when making changes to an article.

In the course of changing the pages to current html- and css-code I have noted that Internet Explorer in some instances prints the pages incorrectly; especially when graphics are floated the following text doesn't fill the space besides the graphic correctly (on the screen it shows correctly).

You may instead use Mozilla Firefox that prints the pages more correctly. Mozilla Firefox version 3 for Windows may be downloaded freely from

If you have problems printing an article, please giving the details.

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